Among Us: A Concept Card Game

Among Us is an online party game of teamwork and betrayal. Crewmates work together to complete tasks before one or more Impostors can kill everyone aboard.

How to Play

The game starts with everyone selecting an color avatar that will represent them during the game. They will then select one of 4–8 decks that have been pre-sorted. Each deck has exactly 15 cards that have been shuffled. All but one of the decks are crewmates. The last one is an imposter.

Once every player has selected a deck. From this crew or imposter deck, the top 3 cards will represent your hand.

During every turn, each player will select a card from their hand and set it in front of them all at the same time. If someone has played yellow card (special), it is revealed and its effect is played out. After all special card effects have been resolved, the rest of the cards being played are placed in a pile and mixed, making it impossible to distinguish who played which card. They are then revealed, one by one, and the consequences of their actions are settled. Any jobs that have been performed recently are placed in the center of the table, and the remaining cards are set away until cleanup.

At the end of each turn an additional card is added to the hand putting the total back to 3.

The game ends when the crewmates finish all the tasks or vote the imposter out. The imposter wins if the players run out of cards before either team has fulfilled their mission or there are only 2 players left (one being the imposter).

Strategy For Crewmates

There is safety in numbers. These crewmate cards will help protect those on the ship. Just be aware that when your are protecting others, who’s protecting you?

Tasks are objectives assigned to all crewmates. Completing these tasks can help you win the match provided that other crewmates are helping to complete those tasks. If you have ever played Among Us then you probably know that tasks are rarely completed by everyone. In this game it’s an imperative.

Except for Prove Thyself, there are shared specials that play out first when the round starts and everyone plays their cards. That means an imposter can Watch the Vents or call an Emergency Meeting. However, be careful playing some of these cards as they can also allow you to be targeted by the imposter.

Prove Thyself

Like the card states, you can play this to prove your innocents. However, it makes you a perfect target for the imposter. It also means you aren’t playing a task or protecting someone else this round.

Watch the Vents

This card allows you to watch the vents for any nefarious activity. If a someone is killed during the turn you are watching the vent, you can flip a faced down card of a competing player in the subsequent round.

Emergency Meeting

Call in an emergency and don’t be afraid to talk your mind. More often than not you will find crewmates having the same suspicions as you. You can then cross-check the facts with each and everyone to identify the imposter.

However, be aware that a self report is an imposter tactic that is used often. When an imposter kills someone and reports them on their own, then it is called self-report. You should always keep an eye on the murder reporter as there are high chances that it could be a self-report. Self reports usually happen after a few players have been killed off as that reduces the chances of the imposter getting spotted.

Strategy For Imposters

Don’t attract attention. This might be a given but I can’t stress this enough. Simply staying out of the public eye in any match can help you go a long way. Refrain from blaming someone, act as you belong, and be wary of other people who are suspecting you.

You should also refrain from killing teammates that were suspicious of you during the last voting. While this might help eliminate someone that might vote you out, it will also raise eyebrows as you were the last person they voted for and blamed for being the imposter.

The Imposter also has some tricks up their sleeve. The two most common sabotages that will help you win the match this way are O2 depletion sabotage and Electrical sabotage.

Special Attack

This is a useful card to kill those who use the Prove Thyself or Watch the Vents cards. Anyone playing those cards during a turn are immediately killed.

Electrical Attack

Know everyone is going to concentrate on doing tasks this round? Negate them all with this attack.

Oxygen Attack

If everyone is not busy doing tasks, an O2 attack will put them on edge since the next turn means they won’t be able to protect others (or themselves).


Among Us is a fast paced with short rounds, making it an ideal party game. Hoped you enjoyed this concept and stay tuned for others!



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