How to make a Board Game: Testing Rules

  1. Pointers for developing effective rules
  2. Putting your rules to the test
  3. In-progress rule(s) testing
  1. The game itself is extremely complicated, which has been known to happen in the past because certain games are purposefully constructed in this manner.
  2. The game is extremely complicated, which wasn’t the aim at all, and this is a broader issue.
  3. The printed rule and/or visual assistance are both in poor condition and should be updated.
  1. Mechanical testing on a short-term basis. This sort of testing harkens back to the days of brainstorming and fine-tuning ideas, then testing each one separately depending on what has been written down.
  2. Testing in a private setting. This is where I will invite a select group of game testers to playtest my game if they have the time.
  3. Blind play testing are conducted in public. The majority of the rules have been hammered out and are appropriate for use during a prototype, whether in person or online using a simulator. This phase is intended to aid in the detection of discrepancies as well as the documentation of any unanticipated inquiries that players may have about any of the rules.



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Walter Reid

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